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When I listen to a main loop in BB Manager, I am hearing tambourine and maracas and congas (WorldPercussion 1.1 drum set). When I go into BeatBuilder and open the main loop, it’s like I’m no longer hearing the WorldPercussion drum set, but a rock drum set – with bass drum, cymbals. The maracas and congas don’t exist. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks!

Hi, I’ve had the Beat Buddy for a couple of years and recently afetr about 20 minutes of use it’s started switching off and on repeatedly. I’ve done the latest firmware update. I’ve tried various power supplies with no joy. Any suggestions would be great thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sIBORl1lIY

Hello-I have an existing 2 button momentary footswitch pedal. It appears the pin configuration is not correct. Is there a wring diagram available so I can make the pedal I already own work with my Beatbuddy Mini 2? Thanks

Footswitch stopped working. BB doesnt detect. BB seems to work fine. When taking cable in or out of BB or footswitch it actviates fills, pause, start etc depending in how far in or out the cabled inserted. Thoughts?

I have just updated to 3.9.3 a week ago, and this is intermittent, when playing part 1, I hold to transition just fine to part 2, now when in part 2 and I hold to transition, even the screen is white and says transition, I stay in part 2. Like I said, intermittent, sometime it works and sometimes it does not. I don’t remember this in my previous firmware I was using.

I just got my BB last week so bear with me… I figured out how to create a setlist, and edit the default songs. I then hit Synchronize Project, put SD card back in the BB, and the songs and playlist I created shows up on the pedal just as they should. However, when I put the SD card back in my computer and open BB Manager, some of the custom songs are gone. Not all of them, just some. Very frustrating… Hopefully someone can help.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to create a new thread here, but I need some help. I’m trying to export MIDI drum files that the Beatbuddy Manager can read from Studio One (to ease my workflow) but they won’t play. I get no errors or anything, but when I hit play, the playback gets stuck on the first beat without playing it.

Any tips or suggestions would be a huge help. Thank you

Nevermind the problem was fixed by simply restarting my computer XD the audio output on my computer was stuck to only work with my DAW and I guess that causes the playback to freeze up in the MIDI editor

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