Mismatch of time signature cuts loop short

I recorded a loop in 6/8 with the BB. Later, the BB was in 12/8 and the loop was cut short and had other odd artifacts (as might be expected) that took a while to notice/figure out.

It’s a bug if the Aeros does not display some form or warning when there is a mismatch unless it can do something reasonable with the audio (good luck figuring that out).

Key signature in red on the stop screen? Ideally also a brief, fading message (so it gets out of your way) overlaid on top of any other screen while playing when the mismatch first occurs?

Suspect most people will think there’s a greater issue with the Aeros when this occurs. Might be higher priority bug than it sounds like?

This is with the beta. Might be in the release version (or not).