Missing drumkits

I had quite a few kits in my Dropbox Public folder. Dropbox has discontinued its use of Public folders. The correspondence I had with dropbox indicated that links would still work, but unfortunately that has not proven to be the case. I moved the kits to my “non-public” folder and tried to relink, and I still got a missing kit error. Kits I posted recently that were never in the Public folder were not affected, nor were kits I posted before I began to use the Public folder to store kits.

To remedy this, I have deleted the affected kits, and I will repost them over the next few days. By my count there are 22 affected kits or packages of kits. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kits should now be restored. Please let me know if you encounter missing or misdirected links.

Hi Phil ,
I just finished d’l ing & installing all of your updated kits a few days ago,
BB mgr put up a splash screen saying ‘nothing to add here’ or something similar on a few kits I tried reloading …eg. Jazz trio, ,…
Now that you are reloading/releasing another batch of the same named files,
[Q ;] Should I delete all of your previous kits to reload the newer ones,
or, rename your newer kits w a ‘3.o’ tag or facsimile ?
thanks … I appreciate your efforts … :wink:

If they come up as ‘nothing to add here,’ then there really isn’t anything new in the kits. I try to always correct the names. The reason for this massive re-release yesterday was to correct Dropbox’s link breaks from my old Public Folder. If you already had a kit named Jazz Trio Brushes 3, for example, and are loading a kit released yesterday with the same name, you, in fact, really do already have that kit.

Thanks, … ever time I go away somewhere, this forum keeps me busy updating songs & kits !
Not complaining a bit … there’s always something new & relevant for me ! :wink:

where is the link to your “nonpublic” Dropbox kit folder or are the kits just all the downloads in the Drum kit section of the forum?

Everything is in the Resources section of the Forum. Go to Resourcs and then on Categories in god upper left click on Drum Kits. That will sort the drumkits from the songs, and you get what you want.