Missing Drums

I got my last problem solved, now I need to know where to get the standard Beat Buddy Drum Sets from as when I am editing a song the only 2 Drum Sets that I have available under the Drum Set Tab is Rock and Metal and I would really love to be able to find the others.

In order to get the rest drumsets from the shipped content, you need to import them into your BBWorkspace. This is done via Import-Export > Import Drumset. You will need to import all the .DRM files in the DRUMSETS folder from either the SD card or in the SD Card Backup archive that you can get from the downloads page.

Many thanks for the help Daef, I now have 10 Drum types but I seem to be missing the Blues any ideas where it could be hiding as I have checked the download file and it only has the 10 in there…Cheers dave

Blues? I can’t recall a drumset with such name. There is a song folder called Blues, but no such drumset.

As far as I know, shipped drumsets are Standard, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Brushes, Percussion, Latin, Dance, Ethereal, and Voice.

Cheers Daef…sorted