Missing Folders or Re-opne

Here is a major bug I’m suffering under in Beat Buddy Manager.

I am trying to create a folder structure to organize all my songs in my repertoire in advance.
Something like this:

(photo 1)[ATTACH=full]1384[/ATTACH]

However in BeatBuddy Manager I get about this far:

and then when i re-open I’ve been busted back to this.
This has happen repeatedly, including NO FOLDERS [and no songs] on reopening.

Using Apple> MacBook Pro> OS 10.10.4
Please help if you know why this is happening, or a fix.

That first screenshot looks a little weird. In BBM (beatbuddy manager) you can’t just copy and paste folders from outside the program. All folders must be created in BBM and all songs must be imported using the file tab at the top left corner and choose import song. Also there can be no folders inside a folder.
Same applies to the SD card. You can’t just copy and paste .sngs or folders to the SD Card it has to be imported through BBM.

The first screen shot was merely a model of my goal. It was not a screen shot of beat buddy manager.

Further… all the folders in question… that mysteriously disappeared on re-opening, WERE created in BBM.

But thanks

Solved!!! Using a Comma or period in a folder name in BBM crashers the folders upon re-opening!!