Missing select .BBS files

Not certain how I managed this one, but I am missing select default .BBS files, not .SNG files. I’ve identified the missing beat patterns (about 12 ranging from Rock to Pop, to Blues, to Country) but cannot import them back into BB Mngr. I know using Windows click and drag won’t solve the problem, so what’s a guy to do? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

Download the MidI Loop Library from the downloads sections at the bottom of this page.

Unzip the file. Locate the missing files and copy and paste them one by one into the appropriate places in the song in BBM. When you are done, save the project. BBM will have created .bbs from the midi files that you pasted, and the songs should now be complete.

thanks Phil
when you say copy and paste, do you mean in windows file explorer?

This may be more helpful – I am missing the default “Country 8 song” (along with 10 other various default songs) from BBM. do I copy and paste all of the midi parts? or the whole song folder? where do I drag it to?

This process is based on my assumption that you have custom content that’s either consolidated in a folder or spread out across other folders in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) project. This suggested process involves using the BBM to export the folder(s) or songs with your home made content and importing them into a new backup project.

Use the BBM to

  • select the folder with your home made or edited content
  • File - Export - Folder (to your desktop)
  • if you have any home made songs spread out among the default beats folders, select each song and File - Export - Song; you’re going to do the same for each home made song
  • quit the BBM
  • download and unzip Download SD Card backup v2.1
  • copy the project folder to your bbworkspace/user_lib/projects
  • launch the BBM
  • File - Open Project and navigate to the project folder BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project and select Open
  • Use the BBM to import your home made content (folders and songs)
  • Save Project

Do not use your computer OS to perform any functions other than what was identified above


Follow Persist’s process. My recommendation was based on the thought that you were missing parts of songs rather than entire songs.

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