Missing songs in BB manager

Hey so today I opened up my BB manager and some of the songs I had saved in one of my folders are gone. Only 2 of them remained in that folder. I have no idea where they could’ve gone. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

A couple of scenarios where this could happen:

  1. Using an unsupported character in the name of a song, beat, folder, drum set or project e.g. naming a song Mrs. Robinson (the period is the unsupported character).
  2. Having one or more BeatBuddy (BB) projects and saving it to one project and opening it in another.

Are the songs still on the pedal? If so, you might be able to recover them by
Putting the SD card in your computer
Use the BBM to open the project on the card and accept the prompt to save the project on the card (give it a new name)
Go to the folder that previously had the missing songs and if they are present, check for unsupported characters in the song title, rename it and then c heck your other folders as well.
Save the project.

Yeah they completely disappeared from my BB manager. They’re not in the folder they were previously in. And yeah some of those scenarios could’ve been it. But I don’t know where the songs went.

And one beat i used, Ballad 3, I used it for one of my songs and it was the only copy I had for the song. And that one is gone too. Any way I can get that beat back?

Just double-checking: They’re not in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or your pedal, correct?

Try searching for any other BeatBuddy (BB) projects on your computer and then opening them to see if this could have been the issue. If no other projects located on your computer, please send me a PM and we’ll take it from there. An easy way to search would be to look for files with a .bbt file extension (project_name.bbt)

Yes, correct, they’re not in the pedal or the BBM. And yeah I’ve checked previous projects and nothing.

And how would I PM you if you don’t mind me asking?