missing wav files


I’m trying to replace the cymbal crash on the accent foot switch. My wave folder is empty. How do I find the accent hit choices and get them into the wave file folder? My computer knowledge is limited, so step by step help would be great! Thanks.


Have you watched my tutorial videos? There is a default_ lib folder and a user_lib folder. Each folder has a Wave folder within it, you are probably looking in the user one, when you need to look in the default one.


Thanks for your help! I did find the wav files in the default folder. I am looking for a single bass drum kick, but did not find it in that folder. Do I have any other choices to put that bass drum kick on my accent hit pedal? I have not watched your video yet, but I certainly will. Thanks again.


The WAV files from the BB drums cannot be unpacked, however you can add your own samples as an accent hit.


While this is true as of current, David Packouz actually confirmed to me that this is not intentional, so in one of those future lucky releases, this will change.