Mixcraft Midi Into Beatbuddy Issues

I’ve spent about a day in work on importing into Mixcraft, editing a song (Zac Brown Chicken fried) and trying to get Drums and Bass back in to Midi.

I’ve finally got most of it mapped properly, including increasing the Bass (+37 worked) to the proper octave and key I want to use.

My issue now is the bass line gets the proper note mapped, but it sustains way too long. Like 2 measures worth per note.

Is there an easy way to fix this?
In Mixcraft I’ve it sounds great, and I’ve even changed the duration to 1/16 notes, but it doesnt get the velocity/sustain off in BB.

Currently using NP Standard Pro with Bass kit.

Any one with ideas…it would be much appreciated.


It might be that you have note on for your bass notes. You can try to set the bass notes MIDI to note off in Mixcraft.

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Thanks for the insight…unfortunately that didn’t work.
I set every note (ctrl A and drag all notes off up) to 127.

So frustrating. I’m admittedly new to Midi, and I feel like I’m learning a lot. Just need to break through this issue so I can give back to those of you who have done a huge amount of work.

Thanks for your patience and wisdom on here, Phil!

I figured it out.
It was the bass in the drumset.

Rock with Bass set works great!
Ugh…at least I’ve solved it!