mixed tempo settings

Hi, Is it possible to create a song where the tempo changes in different sections?

The software seems to have a single default tempo for the entire song but can you overwrite that within the individual midi files tempo setting?

There is indeed only a single tempo supported per song as of currently.

But you can employ tap tempo to make appropriate changes on the fly.

Would be nice to have individual tempo sections on each song, Quite a few songs have tempo/key changes in them which would be pretty hard to get right on a tap.

Yes. Now go make a new topic about that in Feature Requests forum like you usually do :slight_smile:

Ah I’ll give someone else a chance to do it. :wink:

I did it :slight_smile:

And I’ve edited its title. You’ve missed a space :slight_smile:

Damn iPhone :oops:

Thank you for the edit!!