Mixer 2 with the 6 tracks

Is it possible to have the mixer 2 with the 6 tracks like the mixer 1
changing the mute switch (on the right) with the toggle , the mute is into the handsfree mode
Can be faster and easy to switch between the track and toggle

It’s a kind difficult and confused in 6X6 mode when changing parts etc…

Hey there,

No, this will not be possible, the mixer is as is and we will not be redesigning it.

There are only 4 inputs not 6. Mixer 2 is designed for the input and click controls along with input and output level monitoring. The design may take some getting used to but it is the best we can do to make it work handsfree and get all the features we wanted in there.

The inputs are not meant to be edited on the fly, mixer 2 is meant to be set for a performance and adjusted when clipping or too quiet. If you would like to do on the fly editing we recommend trying the EXP pedal while set to control one of the inputs or a MIDI controller.

Thank you for your request!

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