Mixer - Save Snap-To-Unity at Current Position

First, thank you for implementing the new mixer features. As a DAWless modular synth guy, the roll velocity, snap-to-unity, and press-to-select track features are allowing me to fade in and out, and quickly mute while performing. The last piece that is missing (aside from MIDI so I can use my keyboard sliders) is the ability to set volume levels for different tracks. Generally, I record at close to peak so that my signal-to-noise ratio is high. Even when I try to record layered tracks at perfectly blended volume levels, I always end up tweaking the volume later, i.e., mixing.

The idea is simple. In the mixer view, wherever the volume is currently at for a selected track, when I press the circle (measure locator pie) it will change color and the snap-to-unity will be saved at the current volume. Press the circle again to revert back to actual unity.

This will allow me to mix my tracks and I will be able to fade in/out with the advantage of snap-to-unity, as an incredibly useful performance feature.