Mixing Genre and Drumsets

Attention all BB gurus…
I am hoping this topic has been discussed or something similar thereof…I just couldn’t find anything or didn’t look hard enough…sorry.

I use Onsong to control what I do with BB…a lot of us do now, or we use some sort of midi featured app or daw. Well, the one thing that I like to do is get the drums sounding as close to what I hear on the recording as possible. Sometimes that requires choosing a genre (rock), but changing the drum set to (dance). Why, well the groove that’s played in say Rock 2 is exactly the groove I want, but the sound needs to be that of a dance drum set.

So…has ANYONE figured out how to midi map Onsong with the MSB/LSB/Programming that does exactly what I’ve explained above? I need to know how to do this if someone has figured this out. I’m trying to avoid having to use BB Manager and create all of these different custom beats which I’m assuming may be a bit time consuming. If creating custom beats ISN’T as time consuming as I’m thinking it would be, please enlighten me as to how I can make this all work…Please?

I’d greatly appreciate your help folks!!! Thank you for responding.


It’s not hard to create a set list on the manager.
I’ve only been working on it for a week in my spare time and the more familiar I get with it the faster I get.
I simply find the beat that works, export it and import it into a new folder(set list or whatever) then I can do whatever I want to it. Change kits(I’m using mostly a cajon kit or brushes) but also if you right click on any section of any song you can edit very easily. A lot of the intros are way too busy so I’ll replace them with a simpler fill.

changing kits on the fly can be damaging to your mental health & furniture close by ! :wink:

Thanks John, I appreciate your help! Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and learn how to do it so I can have exactly the beats and sounds I want.