MM Aeros Mode 2x2 Mute/Unmute Working?

With a MM -> BB -> Aeros chain, the 2x2 default Mute/Unmute buttons in Aeros Mode are not working for me. Stop is working (stopping both BB and Aeros). I’m using the latest firmware on all 3 devices (updating MM using iOS alpha app). Should this be operational?

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Make sure that your BB is set to MIDI merge, if it is please let me know. (Main Pedal> MIDI settings > MIDI Out > Output type). This does not seem to be reproducible.

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@BrennanSingularSound, that was indeed the issue with Mute/Unmute. The BB MIDI Out was not set to Merge. Changing it now has Mute/Unmute working fine on the Aeros, but I’ve lost the auto Start of the Aeros from the BB (before, the Aeros looping was starting at the end of the Intro on (in this case) the Rock 1 drum track. I was using the BB pedal to start things up simply and also shut things down from the Outro (rather than the STOP all on the MM).

That should not be the case, double check other MIDI out settings to make sure something isn’t disabled, this is also not reproducible, BB should send a Start command and Aeros should respond. Could you take a video for me, please?

Thanks. I investigated further. I reset BB’s MIDI Settings and then Set Out to Merge. That has everything working. YEA!! I was planning to use BB & Aeros & MM in a gig later tonight, so this was timely information to say the least!!!. I owe you one @BrennanSingularSound

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Don’t mention it! Knowing I got back in time is gift enough :love_you_gesture: