MM "AEROS" Mode: 6x6 Song Parts Screen - Trapped!

Hi -
I’m pretty new to using the ‘trifecta’ of BB,MM, Aeros, so probably just missing something, but:

i entered the page on MM for playing song parts. there are six buttons and they all say “Play Track x” - there was no way to exit the screen and use other functions… I tried hitting one of the ‘play’ buttons, but it stopped the song.

I hadnt used this page much before, so maybe I didn’t notice this, but, FWIW, I had run the aeros update earlier (I don’t think that matters, but just in case)

Is there a trick for exiting the 6x6 ‘play parts’ page without stopping the song?

I’m not sure, only because I have the Footswitch+ attached to my MM that I can change pages with, so it’s easy for me to “exit” out of the 6x6 ‘play parts’ page.

Hi there,

Yes, because there are 6 parts in 6x6 and 6 buttons we had to use all buttons for the part commands and set up redirect commands to be enacted so the page would turn back to the 6x6 commands page.

A footswitch can also be used like described above to change the page to whatever page you’d like!

I’m more worried about what you described:

Could you please tell me more about what you were currently doing while this happened? Did the song stop or did the song part change? It should never stop when receiving a transition command.

Let me know, thanks!

Spotted you can use the footswitch to change pages on the MM. How do you do this?

From the manual

A footswitch plugged into the MIDI Maestro’s Ext. port can be used to navigate the pages.

External Footswitch - Use a momentary switch (like the Footswitch+) that uses a TRS (Tip-ring-sleeve) ¼” connector. The left and right buttons on your footwitch can be used to navigate the pages on the MIDI Maestro in the modes (Aeros Mode/BeatBuddy Mode/Custom Mode). Pressing the Left footswitch button goes to the next page, while the right button goes to the previous page. The external footswitch does nothing while in the Main Menu. Using a footswitch to scroll through pages saves you the necessity of using one of the MIDI Maestro buttons to redirect to a new page.

If you want a footswitch on the MM to change page then use the redirect function…

Buttons can also have a “redirect” command coded on them, this means that when you press that footswitch button it will also change the current page of the mode you’re on. For example, in Aeros Mode, pressing the footswitch button that says ‘2x2 Commands -->’ will redirect the Maestro to the page that has all the 2x2 Commands. In the default modes we usually include a --> (enter) or <-- (exit) symbol to indicate that this button has a redirect command coded on it.

Hope this helps



On the MM Aeros page 6 (Play Parts 1-6) It might be worthwhile including the <- symbology to show that a redirect occurs after pressing the switch. Currently the bottom text on each button is blank so not hard to add.


Thank you. Looks like I’ll be putting my SS Footswitch back on the board.

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Would definitely be a nice polish, given we have many other things on the docket, this takes less precedence but we may look at default modes again soon in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

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Is it possible to remove the “redirects” from the “play parts 1-6” page for parts 1-5?

I found it fairly tricky to switch parts using the aeros while playing & singing… and this would be a way to always have access to 4 or 5 parts with one click (99% of the time this will be more than enough parts).

Goal would be to have slots 1-5 on the “Play Parts 1-6” start recording or playback for each part from MM, without the MM redirecting to another page each time. Ideally would also change the slot for “play track 6” to ‘exit’ to the 6x6 commands (since I can pretty easily live without looping a 6 part song).
Is that do-able using the android app? How?
would this just change song parts on aeros or could it change parts on BB, too?

You can do this with templates yes! Unfortunately Android 1.3.9 is not currently working very well, we are currently working on it.

Great news is if you’re on iOS it is working very well! We just released v1.4.1!

The biggest reason we have placed the redirects is because not every user has a footswitch to change pages and we don’t have enough screens to allow for page changing.

You can modify modes to be anything you’d like using the apps custom modes feature.

Thanks for the question!

big improvement! I was pretty easily able to create a custom mode to do this… thank you!

On BBM, when i add song folders, is there an easy way to make sure it adds at the bottom of the list so that the songs that are already there don’t change positions and onsong will call up the right songs via midi?


Yes, there is but it’s a two-step process. In the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  • Click on the bottom-most folder in the Project Explorer
  • BBM - Songs - New Folder (and the New Folder appears above the bottom folder)
  • BBM - Songs - Move Folder Down
    You can use the keyboard shortcuts to make the process a little quicker.
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Thank you… i think problem before is that i connected via usb instead of just moving the sd card, so the option to scroll to bottom of the folder list wasn’t there. works fine moving the card to computer.