MM and Model 12 interface to Ableton

If you have a setup like this…

MM MIDI Out - Tascam Model12 MIDI In - MIDI Mapping in Ableton

Have you gotten it to work?
I am not using the Model 12 in controller mode, however it is connected to computer USB and is being used as the interface for Ableton Live 11. I am making a few assumptions that might be wrong ( do i go MIDI OUT from MM to MIDI IN on Tascam? or is it the other way around?)
I have tried every configuration I can think of using the custom app for MM and I get nothing? In Ableton I have the MIDI options fro Track/Sync/Remote enabled for Model 12 (MIDI In/Out).
In the custom mapping, I am really just trying to see if I can get anything to work - like, can I get the play button to toggle? Nope. I have tried using CC/PC/Note On-Off with setting MIDI Channel to 1 - Command 20, Value 127… or whatever else I could think of — Nothing.
I’ve watched the 2 videos on youtube giving some guidance in this regard for the MM and Ableton -
Is there a setting in the Model 12? Are my custom directives at fault?
If anybody has a clue what I could do to at least get started using this thing it would be massively appreciated.
Very frustrating to watch people easily mapping MM to ableton and then not being able to copy their steps.

I will make one point about Ableton:

When using Ableton with a midi controller, it is expecting a cc value 0 of the same cc that you sent.

The reason it does this is because it is expecting you to be using a midi keyboard as the controller, and midi keyboards send the value depending on the velocity you press with, and then send a value zero command when you release

So when you’re using the MIDI Maestro, you need to send a CC 113 value 1 command on the press, for example, and then send CC 113 value 0 command on the release in order for Ableton to register the press

Let me know if this helped!