MM fill function/button

Hi all,

Would it be possible to re-map the beat buddy mode on the MM the lack of a fill function means I still need to use the pedal to insert a fill. Very annoying, the MM should obviate the need to touch the pedal when playing.

It can be programmed to do this using the app.

Hey there, yes this is achievable by using the MIDI Maestro App, it is available for Android but is still under-development for iOS due to long-lasting COVID delays. We hope to be up to speed with it soon.

Unfortunately I do not own an Android device so I guess I will have to wait for the IOS version of the app.

They can do this or you can do it in the custom mode !
This is how to get the Beatbuddy Main pedal on only one footswitch of the MM
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Hey there, hate to confuse you, but you actually do not need the start or the Drum fill commands there to make the Main Pedal MIDI command work. Try removing them, you may also like to try using this button without a toggle and use another button to transition.

You only need the two circled commands

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Hi Brennan
No problem if you confuse me and you are right !
It works like you say !
Thank a lot
this is what I like on Singular Sound ! The help, the listen, the participation etc…


You’re very welcome :slight_smile: