MM not on Amazon?

Anyone know of a reason why Midi Maestro isn’t sold on Amazon? All the other SS products can be found there but a search for MM come up empty

The reason I asked this is because I have a ton of credit card points that will enable me to get Midi Maestro at a discount thru Amazon, but it is not listed on there. Yet all the other SS products are…makes no sense.

Hey thanks for the question!

It’ll likely be up within the next month barring no major shipping delays

Hey again,

we looked into it more and unfortunately, it may be longer than that, but do know we are interested in doing this ASAP :slight_smile:

Apologies and thanks for your patience

?Why is only one of your products excluded from Amazon

i thought there’s some of the products there, isn’t it?

We’re sorry for any confusion but we are not supplying the MIDI Maestro to be sold on Amazon at this time, and will not be for some time

The MIDI Maestro is available for purchase on our website

Every major SS product is listed on Amazon except MM

I know but I cant use my spending credits on your website.