MM not saving Custom settings

so I spent a lot of time om custom settings for my MM. all work fine setting on my desk. turned off the BB and MM move them to my peddle board. when I turn them back on,. there was No custom setting. only the message “Download the App” so why when the power is disconnected do I loss all my custom?setting?

Try selecting custom mode a second time, it should work then.

(Press mode button on rear, select custom mode, then press mode button again and select custom mode again)

Hey there, what version of the MM firmware are you on? This is a known bug with version 1.1.3, where switching out of the custom mode to another mode clears it. This will be fixed in the next version, 1.1.4. This version is available on delight-1 on the MIDI Maestro app.

Where does one get MM firmware?

Currently, the only way is using the MIDI Maestro App. We are working hard on the iOS, we know how crucial this is!