Mobius Looper Software

Hello people! I was thinking about buying one of these Beat Buddies, and I wanted to know if anyone has had any success with midi syncing with Mobius. I use Mobius with a midi pedal to control it and I find it to be the best looper on the planet…I have owned various hardware loopers and the combination of Mobius with a FCB 1010 midi pedal cannot be beat. But I really want to make sure I can slave the beat buddy to Mobius before I pull the trigger on a new Beat Buddy. ???


I have an issue with that looper. It’s very nice, and perhaps very sophisticated, but the interface is horrid IMO. But what really gets me is that they tell you that this interface is what you want, as it’s modular.
Well, It doesn’t even work on my MBP retina. It’s like an old eMacs interface, or something. It’s a design (or lack of it) philosophy. It’s of course free. I’d love to use it, but couldn’t get it happening. Oh well :smiley:

Well I was hoping one of you guys might have some experience with this but I guess not. Guess maybe I will have to continue using my usual method of slaving Groove Agent 2 inside of Ableton.

This is the first time I have heard of this software. It appears to be a free VST in which case it should be quite easy to test - it should work if it is sends Midi clock however BB appears to prefer to be a master rather than slave, I will try and give it a test.

That is mighty kind of you sir! However Mobius is not easy to setup…believe me. It has many quirks, but it’s midi functionality is rock solid. It is very very flexible,and well worth the effort.


I’m doing the opposite. Slaving Möbius to BeatBuddy. It clocks and syncs, but start/stop from the BeatBuddy doesn’t work for me. Syncing the BeatBuddy sometimes work ok, but I get occasional glitches where the BeatBuddy start/stops at random intervals. It can work great for 30-45 mins then it stops. Or it’ll start without me pressing or sending a start message.

Thanks for the info rolandvg99. Guess I won’t be buying a beat buddy any time soon. Maybe once they get it to work properly as a midi slave device.

I’ve done some tinkering with my setup and seem to have solved the erratic behaviour. Had to block some control messages from reaching the BeatBuddy. It didn’t like being bombarded by CC4 messages. I use the BeatBuddy as a MIDI player for Superior Drummer while controlling the hi-hat via my Roland VG-99.

Oh yes…those darn unwanted midi messages can reek havoc. I have run into problems like that with Ableton. I would like to get my hands on a beat buddy and probably would have by now if it was not for the darn exchange rate with the Canadian dollar these days. Guess I will have to suffer with the toys I have for now. LOL