Mod Standard Pro Bass drum set

Just looking for this kit that a song says I need. I’ve spent 45 minutes digging for it. This isn’t the same as Standard pro bass is it? Please post a link or advise where these are located. Thanks

Please check your forum inbox.

I’m also looking for the NP standard pro bass.
Love this forum BTW. tons of good stuff.

I cannot download de NP Standard Pro Bass either!

The link is down T.T

[SIZE=4]NP STDPBASS 63-91 2016-09-02
found here[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]cannot download as the file has been removed. Is this supposed to be the Standard Pro Bass that songs reference?

Example, Funk 49:[/SIZE]
Indicates it requires “Standard Pro Bass drum set”
The sng file itself references a “Mod Standard Pro Bass” Drum Set
One of the most download kits is:
The name of it is “Standard Drum Kit w/ Precision Bass 2016-07-04”. Did someone start calling “Precision Bass”, aka P-Bass, “Pro Bass”?
If someone can answer with links, that would be really appreciated!

The NP stands for Non-Percussion and the bass notes in the kit have been modified so that the bass notes will play to the correct duration and will sound properly. The more technical description involves MIDI note offs. If you run across kits with the “Mod” prefix, it’s the same as kit with “NP” in the prefix (Mod Standard Pro Bass drum set = NP Standard Pro Bass).

jivejong was the author of the Standard Kit with Precision Bass and it used the GM standard for mapping. Phil liked the samples that were used for the bass so much that he came up with a variant of the kit that included the Non-Percussion changes. Sometimes users will clean out their Dropbox account to make room for other files. That’s probably what @Phil did for leads to the updated Funk 49 and it uses the Mod or NP Standard Pro Bass kit (which is in the description).

Further adding to your confusion, one of the default kits that comes with the BeatBuddy is the Standard (now updated to 1.1) kit and it’s often confused with the Standard Pro kit which refers to one of the premium kits that is available for users to buy from the Premium Content Library (no, I’m not a Singular Sound employee and could care less whether or not you buy it—but it is one of the most flexible and better sounding drum kits available). Phil further tweaked the Standard Pro kit to NP Standard Pro Bass.

Clear as mud, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi completely unrelated but can I set my footswitch so the intro comes in on the 3rd or 4th bar?

Hi: I’d love to get the Mod Standard Pro Bass kit too. Thanks in advance!

I need this too.

i’m also searching for this drumkit

New user, gonna want this also.

The deal with this kit was that the other Phil made it. It was based upon the Premium Standard Pro kit from Singular. You had to prove to Phil that you had, in fact, purchased the kit. I have a version of this kit that I made, but frankly, if you have purchased the kit, I have posted NUMEROUS sets of bass samples from which you could create a bass part for the Standard Pro kit. That said, I will treat access to my NP Standard Pro with Bass kit in the same manner that Phil did. Prove to me that you own the Standard Pro kit from Singular, and I will send you a link to my kit.

Hey Phil (I know, you’re the other Phil!) I am a new member; got my BB and Manager installed today. I have just bought the Standard Pro Kit, and I have a screenshot and PDF to prove it and will send them to you however you’d like. I am smart, but not MIDI smart (at least not yet!), so rather than doing the bass add-ons myself, it’s best if I take the lazy way out and ask for the already completed SPK+Bass setup that you describe. So, as much as you must be tired of doing it, can you plz help me?

Sure. Just attach a screenshot to your message, or send it to me at I’ll get a link back you later tonight or early tomorrow. I am on my iPad right now, so I don’t have those files right at hand.

Oh, and you use BB Manager to add bass to a kit. You don’t really need any midi smarts.

OK, Phil; sent you some screenshots via email.

Jeez, now I am reading that maybe the Standard Pro Kit isn’t what I needed (after spending $10). I need NP Standard Pro? And how do I find NPSPK? Man, this is getting confusing :slight_smile:

You got the right kit. NP refers to the bass part. The bass gets sets as a Non-Percussion part. Early versions of the BB did not allow this option. You will receive the correct kit.

I have sent a copy of my invoice to you Phil. Hope you will be able to send me a download link as well.

How do I purchase or download this kit?
Can’t find this exact title in the PRemium, and it seems like many hve bought the wrong set.
Please help!