Mod Vintage Ludwig Bass?

I am looking for this kit…can anyone provide an active link please?


This was a modified premium kit and has been replaced by NP Vintage Ludwig Bass.

ooookay…ummm and a link? I did do a search on Vintage Ludwig bass (using the nomenclature you wrote above) and it came up empty??

The fact that it’s based on a premium kit means it’s not available on the forum. Similar concept as the NP Standard Pro Bass kit.

wow this is confusing…so it’s been replaced, but still not available?? then why bother replacing it? why not just remove it? I do own the premium ludwig kit btw (in fact I own a licence for all of them from premium) so why is it not possible to add the bass to it, which is where the name Vintage Ludwig BASS comes from yeah? and afaik Goran has no kits that have bass samples…

So ergo - confusion!!

right, moving on… (as one has to do with a LOT of the Singular Sound product and issues! - can’t fix em so move on)

The kit isn’t freely available on the forum, hence no link. You will need to negotiate with the author.

I am new to this forum and cannot find “conversation message.” I have purchased Vintage Ludwig and would love to have the version with bass. Can you help me out?

If you click the forum link that ghostofweedon provided, it will take you to a forum discussion. From there, you can click the profile name of the person who provides the drum kit, then click the “Message” button. This is basically sending a private message to the person. Hope this helps!

@callahank check your Forum in-box.

To everyone else - Handled.