Mode switch

Hi I couldn’t find an answer to this anywhere ,so i thought someone here might know .Is it possible to switch modes with a cc or pc message . I would like to use another midi pedal to switch modes rather than be stuck in one mode . Would be nice to switch between the modes on the fly.

What do you mean exactly?
Switch between Maestro mode Aeros and Beatbuddy?
You need to make a custom with the commands that you need and redirection pages

Hi NYHC, thanks for responding . What I mean is using a second midi controller to switch between beat buddy mode and aeros mode . Just a bit clunky having to bend down fiddle pushing that small button . I would need to know what midi message is being sent when switching modes . I’ve tried using a midi capture but nothing registered .

There is no midi CC to do that.

To come back to the first page, you can press the LEFT and CENTER (bottom) switch together, but most of time you launch something that is setting on one of this 2 switches

Another way, is using a footswitch(like the BB one) and switch between the pages of the Maestro (left and right)

I use custom mode on the Maestro. A bit of thought with what you need to do and you won’t need to bend down.