Modifying a beat without a midi

Is there a way to modify or import a beat that came with the BB without using a midi? I’m having a hard time finding a beat to use in slow songs such as The Eagles’ “Ol '55”, which features a softer use of brushes without the louder snare which seems to be in all the beats.

What do you actually want to do, please be specific and then we can offer suggestions.
You could change the drumkit to brushes, purchase the Ludwig kit and use that, lower the snare volume in the drum kit you are using.
In the beta BBM 1.6 beta you could also edit the midi velocity (volume) which would cause a slightly quieter snare sample to trigger - however then you would not be able to edit drum kits as one of the issues with the beta is that the drum kit editor does not work.

It should be easy to delete the snare from a beat. Suggest one of the stock ones you like and I’ll remove the snare then post it back here. Beat Builder and the midi editor that’s in the beta BBManager make it really easy to edit the midi files once you find them.

Don’t be intimidated by using a midi editor to modify the beats. It’s very intuitive once you give it a try. The editors lay out the beats on a time signature and the various drum parts are easy to see - it’s all very graphical. In fact, you’re not really learning midi when you use the beat editors - they do all the heavy lifting for you.

Commanding the BB with midi is more difficult but it’s not rocket surgery.

Thanks for the response. It appears that Country-7 has a nice beat, suitable for slow songs except for that jarring snare drum. If you can remove or almost remove it and send it to me I’d really appreciate it. Guess I’ll still have to get and learn the BB Manager though.

I’ll give it a shot tonight if one of the other forum members doesn’t get to it first.

Here it is. I had to remove the snare ‘by hand’ but it only took 2-3 minutes with the midi editor that’s in the beta BBManager software ( I posted it in Resources:Songs in case anyone else wanted to try it.

 Thanks Rob22315.  After I download the BB Manager, what are the steps to get it into the BB?

Download the song file from this forum onto your computer and remember where it’s located. Launch BBManager and open the project you want to use if it’s not open already. Highlight the folder where you want to put the song. Do a File=Import=Song then navigate to where you’ve downloaded the new song and import it by selecting the file and clicking on Open. Try playing it in BBManager to see if you like it. If so, then save the project to your SD card and put the card back in the BB to play.

A good habit for saving songs and projects is to

  • always save Project using BB Manager to the workspace on your computer
  • first time: export Project to your SD card (top level); after you’ve exported a Project to your SD card, you usually don’t have to export it again unless you create a new Project
  • Sync Project to your SD card; always edit and save changes to your Project using BBM in your workspace first; then you only to Sync to SD card
  • if you have not done so yet, RTFM o_O

One tip I’ll add to this terrific list - some folks have issues with their pedal settings getting reset back to factory every time they sync a project to their SD card. The way to avoid this is to get your pedal settings configured the way you want on the BB. Then put the SD card in the computer and save the project on your SD card to the computer. Build all future projects from the one you just saved to your computer and you’ll have your pedal settings the way you want every time. If you need different pedal settings for your projects, you’ll have to do the above steps for each project that you want to have different settings.

Thanks Rob22315. Are the steps you’ve mentioned the exact same ones to use when downloading songs in the Custom Beats section?

As long as they are .sng files, then yes.

Okay, it’s on the BB Manager, but nothing happens when I click on “Play”. What should be done next?

Did you highlight the song before clicking play?

Yes, I did. It’s in the box on the left side, showing the folder with its name. “Play” and “Stop” buttons seem to be in gray, if that helps.

PM’d you, doing this over a forum isn’t going to work.

Got your PM, but can’t find out how to PM you back. Problem persists.

Are you in a place you can call me or I can call you?

Not for long. Will be going out-of-town tomorrow. Will call you again when I return, in about a week.

Sounds good. Can you send a screen shot?