Modifying BeatBuddy songs


If I have 2 songs that use the same midi file for the verse, but then decide I want to edit the verse in song B, leaving Song A as/is, does this only make the change to Song B? Or is the midi file used by all songs created that reference it, thereby changing the midi for all other songs too? I suppose I could test this, but thought I’d post to the group first.

On the topic of modifying a midi file… When you perform an edit on one of the midi files in the BB manager, the first thing that pops up is a dialogue asking if I want to quantize the file, as it appears it was a performance recording (or something like that). Am I remembering correctly that quantizing is the process of locking the beats into a discrete position (putting it in time, if off by a bit)? Or am I way off there? Should I quantize the midi file, and if so, will this remove any subtle randomness of the recording, making it sound totally robotic?

Any other tips you can throw my way or links to point me to regarding modifying/creating songs and best practices in bb manager for doing so, would be awesome!

Thank you, all!

  1. No. Each MIDI is a standalone, embedded within the beat or song.

  2. This link might be helpful 6 Ways to Humanize Your Tracks
    Some users have reported that quantizing one-press songs might corrupt the file’s audio. YMMV. Other users use a DAW where they have better control over the amount of quantization which makes the playback sound less robotic.

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