Momentary Foot switches in UK or Ireland?

Does anybody know à supplier for the Momentary Foot Switch in UK or Ireland?

bought mine here a few weeks ago - good price aswel

Thanks a million, will do.

ordered mine from Thomman, I buy most of my gear from them - excellent service.

Sorry folks, maybe my question was a little unclear.
What I’m actually looking for is the replacement switches for the peddle.
i.e replacing the latching noisy switches with the momentary silent switches.

Does the new foot switch that you bought have the momentary switches fitted?

Sorry again. I was looking at the thread about the latest firmware and it mentioned that for some of the new functions to work
you need to have the momentary foot switch. I thought that this meant replacing the two switches. I checked my foot switch settings and it seems that my foot switch is the required momentary type. Nothing to do with the switches.
Still learning!!!

The digitech FS3X is a great option that works wonderfully and is pretty cheap and easy to get a hold of. It has an extra switch that serves as an ‘A+B’ – pausing and playing a cymbal hit, which is pretty awesome.

I’m using a Behringer FS112GMX 2 button silent pedals for switching. Had it for years like a pack rat and now it has a use!