MONEY (OPBk) + sound effects 2018-02-19 - PINK FLOYD

A very tough song to produce for BB. Also, tough to play and sing correctly … and then there’s the solos. … lots of small tempo changes, weird rhythms.

Best way to look at the riff, which is 7/4 is to think of it as two parts, a 4 count and a 3 count (if you’re good at counting 7 that’s great).

Now, for the .sng. It DOES have the intro sound effects. I’ve included two sound clips which you’ll need to insert into Phil Flood’s NP Big Bose Jazz Trio XRP.

Insert CLIP 1 at midi 33

Insert Clip 2 at midi 32;

A pretty good cheat is included in the zip. As far as the sax solo, you’ll have to wing it … the solo is really TWO parts, first part is still in 7/4, 2nd part is in 4/4, then it returns to 7/4 again.

I would listen to the recording a few times …

Good luck!

Download Here


sorry for not getting this… i’ve searched, can’t find the method… i don’t want an OBP song, i use BBM to custom program the “factory” song file for Money. how can I insert and triggter these wonderful sound clips at the beginning?

You have to find an empty space in the kit you’re using, then place the sound effect into that space. I’m assuming you’re using a DAW or the built in editor… then you just insert a “note” into the midi where you want the sound to be triggered, just like any other piece of the kit. But… you need to be aware that the sound effects are .wav files, so you can’t alter their tempo…they play in their entirety. You could process the sound again in a daw if you want longer or shorter duration.

If you download Back in the USSR and use my Ludwig kit, you’ll see the jet sound in the kit.

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Thanks for doing this song Phil… It’s always been one of my all time favorites…

If perhaps you could, or maybe someone else that knows how to do it like @Persist or @Phil_Flood, etc, could stitch it together with the sound effects into a OPB version, that would be fantastic… I wish I had the skills to be able to, but sadly I haven’t had much success with the learning curve…

Skol… :beers:

Hmm… I thought I had done it with the effects. Long time ago. I’ll check it out for you over the next few days.

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Thanks Phil… Much appreciated as always…

Skol… :beers:

Thanks for putting that together Persist… But I think maybe I am be doing something wrong here…

I downloaded Phil’s song file and the drum file for the kit you adapted, and added them to my BB Manager…

When I play it through the manager, it works fine and sounds great and has the full drum kit, bass and keyboard… But when I go to play it using the pedal, and I click to get it to the outro, it starts properly with the cash register, and then the kick drum comes in followed by more of the full kit (but no high hat?), and there is no bass or keyboard…

I then tried renaming the drum file in the BB Manager to CR instead of XRP at the end of the name and re-synced the SD card, but had the same result…

Any ideas @Persist?..

Use both the L and R outputs from your pedal.

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Whoops… I thought I was doing that, but I had the apparently my wife decided to vacuum this morning and and unplugged cables to get them out of the way and had not fully pushed in the cable for one channel when she put them back… I had not thought to check for that until I read your answer as I hadn’t touched them for quite a while… :rofl:

Thanks Persist, and thanks again for putting that together… and thanks to Phil for doing the song as well… I am a big fan of Gilmour and love a lot of Pink Floyd’s music, and Money has always been one of my favorites… and thanks to you guys, it just became a whole lot more fun to play that song…

Skol… :beers:

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Can’t find this anymore! It says its been deleted form dropbox? Anyone have it?

I no longer have the kit (and so I removed my post with the old link) with the added wav files but, you can add Phil’s wav files to the unedited kit which is here: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

BTW, you can play the song with this kit and leave out the sound effects and it should sound okay.