Mono into aux input?

Is there anyway to send a single mono input into the aux in without the audio signal being all to the left or right?

I believe this will do what you want…

Hi there, this should be doable by setting the Song to record in Mono (Song Settings) and/or setting the Aeros to playback in Mono (Device Settings)

Does this work?

This would not solve the problem since the input is TRS any TS signal will go left

So the signal on the tip and ring AUX in are both left channel in the Aeros? There is no right channel on the AUX input?

You could attempt to make the ring line up with the right channels corresponding ring but you will not be fully plugged in. It was not built to be used this way.

The adapter I linked takes the tip connection of a 1/4" TS plug and connects it to the tip & ring of the TRS side plug. It would apply the mono signal to both left and right if that is how the Areos is designed.
The OP asked if there was an easy way to ‘send’ the mono signal in so both left and right of the Aeros would see it, thus the adapter. The method you suggest would work as well if it accomplishes what the OP is trying to do.

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