Mono output not mono

If I plug a 1/4 into l(mono) output I am not getting both channels. Is there a setting I need to find to override that? I also have issues with certain songs, typically one press, that the double click does not end the song. The diplsay says playing intor fill and the double click will flash stopped, then back to playing intro fill.

I have to unplug the unit to reset. If I try to change a song while the non stoppable tune is playing, the unit starts the next song according to the display, but nothing is audible until I reboot the unit?

Maybe bad firmaware update?

The mono out does not sum the left and right channels. Multi instrument kits with a stereo spread are a user hack not developed by Singular. To get the full effect you need to use both outs. You can get a summing cable from usual sources. I believe Hosa makes one.

Your ending issue seems odd. I usually make my One Press songs with the full song in the intro, and a null in the main beat. Others put the full song in the outro with the null in the main beat. If the main beat is in the outro, the double click will trigger it, as a double click is actually a signal to “play the outro and then end.” On those, you would just need to wait for the song to finish playing.

Check your main pedal settings. I believe their is a restore defaults. Try that. There is also a triple tap to stop and end, IIRC.

Thanks for the help.

I did a reset this morning. As soon as I figure out what song was giving me issues and this hangover subsides, I will open it up in manager and see how it is set up.

I searched and thought that the mono did sum, but I understand what you mean about the panning being a hack. I have options, just wanted to confirm that I didn’t have something wrong with the unit.

I haven’t explored all of the foot switch options as I am waiting on the parts to build a fsx-3 clone foot pedal for my BB.

Three tap end fixed the issues since there was no outro. Thanks

How about taking the feed from headphone out into your desk or amp will this give a mono sum of both channels?

Just tried and it and it works
Stereo adapter in headphone socket then standard 1/4" from that into practice amp.
Now I can try this on my mono line array set up

Thanks, Keith. The only issue I see, is that unless your amp has a 1/8" stereo input, you still get only one channel. That is, unless you have a 1/8" stereo to 1/4" mono summing cable.