"More Cowbell!" drum beats would be a "must buy"

Drum Beats request? How about something that delivers on the statement “More Cowbell!”

I’m thinking something that would deliver the driving "tonk-tonk-tonk-tonk: which would be part of, oh, The Chambers Brothers “Time has come today”, or Credence Clearwater Revival’s 10-minute version of “I heard it through the grapevine”.

I was listening to heard it through the grapevine while camping. I might do that song. Has some epic fills in it.

Any further thoughts about doing this one Stu?

Heres an in progress copy. I will be adding a bit more to it to be able to jam out on it. I haven’t put any cowbell in and probably won’t but someone else can add it.


Cant thank you enough Stu! If you do add more, please post.

Check the Resources

Here is a recording of I Heard it Through the Grapevine using the short version guitar Stu created. Although the beats pertain to the CCR version, we used the beats and did the Marvin Gaye version.