More Custom mode options

Aeros mode and beatbuddy mode are excellent to get started with the singular sound system but are not really needed once a person has created a couple custom modes to replace them. The ability to only have one custom mode in memory is not too good. Please create the ability to have more custom modes in memory for immediate accessibility.


I’ve thought that too.

Hey there,

We likely will not be doing this soon but will place on the #backlog

Thank you for your request!

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Glad to hear it! I’ve requested this in the past as it is the biggest limitation of the maestro, made me think of getting a Morningstar instead. I’ll be happy to see this added, multiple custom modes… can’t wait!


Wait for this.
Could be so nice

I was about to purchase a Maestro but it seems way to limited once you look into it. Unlimited, or a reasonable number, custom mode pages would’ve done it for me.

I agree the amount of functions are limited. 60 per available mode. That does suck but most are complaining about it so they should be working on it. I have had a number of foot pedals and on the functionality side, this is one of the best ones.