More Drum Kits in the BB Loader than in BB Manager

I put a ton of drum kits on my SD card from that “missing drum kits” download. I used the BB Loader to do this. I didn’t see all of the kits in the loader but I currently see 45 kits. When I go to BB Manager and load up that card, I see only about 25. I have tried this with the official BB Manager and with the Lean Beta (all on my Mac).
Anyone else experience this?

Hey can you show me a screenshot of both the list in the BBL and the list in the BBM? What drum sets are you using?


What size s your SD card?


I’m wondering if maybe a kit has to be saved for a recent version of BBM to work with BBL. I have not tried loader as yet, but given that I know that the kits do work in BBM, that is a possibility I would consider.

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What I liked about loader is that I could import all the kits at once. It looks like you can only do one at a time in the Manager. Is that true?

Yes, manager is just one at a time.