More Flexible Trigger for END of loop Recording - end of next even numbered measure

Song level switch.

While recording a track, when END recording button pressed.

Actual ending of recording will occur at the end of the next EVEN numbered measure instead of end of current measure.

Example: Button pressed within measure 7 and recording continues until the end of measure 8.

This would be VERY useful at higher tempos.

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One trick you can try to help now is to double the length of the Time Signature, but that only works out if your loop length is actually going to fit correctly in that span of time. I’ve had to do some things like that for higher tempos too.

Thank you.

I’m not sure how that would help me though.

I was mainly thinking in terms of laying down a loop on the fly next to another one already recorded (as well as the FIRST loop) – since most western rock, blues, folk, etc is based on even numbered measure lengths, it would be nice to have more time to hit the end loop recording button that we have now.

Of course, it looks like this is all moot since I got a response from SS telling me to forget it – they’re not going to consider this - but also sounded like the person didn’t understand what I was asking for. A simple programming change/addition.

I responded:
Current logic is button pushed to end recording or overdub can be done anytime within a measure and will trigger end of recording at the end of that measure. While recording the length of the loop is being shown on the left so It’s obvious that number is available to the program.

I suggest a (switched) slight change to that logic that interprets the switch (end loop) press, looks at the measure count and if it’s an odd numbered measure terminate recording at the end of the next EVEN numbered measure.

As I said, at fast tempos this could be invaluable.

It helps because you’ll have a measure that is twice as long, thus giving you more time to hit one of the “End of Measure” cuing actions. It won’t matter if you’ve pressed the button during an odd or even measure because the system has basically consumed what are odd numbered measures and collapsed them into 1 measure. You could try it and see, then you’ll know if it works. Set the time signature for 8/4 and give it a spin.

But I acknowledge it won’t help if having a measure twice as long interferes with how you need to construct the loop. (ie: if you absolutely have to record a loop that is half the length of your new measure).

DOH! I see now what you meant. Thanks…I’ll have to try that out.


Since the BB doesn’t really care about measure length, it won’t screw up the Aeros…

My stuff is pretty simple - 8 measure, 12 measure, 16 measure loops and longer for full verse or chorus…

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Oh, I read somewhere that BB sends out a Time Signature setting through a proprietary Sysex command that Aeros recognizes. You might have trouble keeping Aeros set for 8/4 if BB is sending out the 4/4 command constantly. I didn’t think of that initially (I don’t own a BB).

I’m not sure but I think one time I had a different time signature in the BB than the Aeros and it used the one in the Aeros. But that may have been AFTER the first loop was recorded.

Hey, about the original posted request, we may consider this down the line but may not do it for some time if we do.

I highly suggest using the Sync Length song setting when using the Aeros to have a similar effect to what you are describing, though I do know it is not exactly what you have requested.

For this reason I will tag #under-consideration, thank you for your request!

I have encountered that – BB overriding the time signature in the song.

Even though the song is in 4/4, it has one measure of 2 near the end of the verse.

So I ended up using a 2/4 metronome patch in the BB to record the first track as 2/4 in the Aeros. Then I could chang the BB to a Palindrome type beat in 4/4 that fits the song even though the downbeat changes at the end of each verse.