More Half-time beats

I would really like to utilize more half-time beats but the the beatbuddy default content only has two that I know of (in the rock folder). These are good but I would like more variety, both of those are open hi-hat.

Is there any others I’m overlooking in the default content? Has anyone made any? Does anyone know where I can find more half-time beats?

I just edit the midi file that I like and delete every other snare hit or cross stick, much easier than finding a suitable half time beat.

That’s a good idea. It didn’t occur to me because I’ve never really done that before.

What program should I use to edit the files?

There are a bunch out there, each with different focus. I have a Mac, and use both Reaper, and Aria Maestosa. Reaper is really heavy duty and can do a bunch of stuff. Aria is simpler with fewer features, but has a nice easy layout. I hear people use Guitar Pro, but when I checked it out, it wasn’t intuitive to me. Unfortunately Garageband will let you edit midi, but you can’t export it.

I just use Beatbuilder which is a Java based midi editor developed by @CharlesSpencer for quickly editing midi files for the Beatbuddy - which is perfect for quick altering of beats. The link to the thread which discusses it is below.