more on the taptempo issue with outboard buttons

Hi folks,
I’m noticing that, for some reason, my previous post on this situation seems to have disappeared. I thought I saved it.

anyway, I’ve got my BB and the dedicated BB outboard foot buttons set up this way.
Main pedal starts on press.
Aux button 1 is taptempo either stopped or playing, and
button 2 is next song when stopped, and pause/start when playing.

When ever I use the tap tempo button it works, but I must wait for the taptempo to time out before I can use another button.
If, for example, I tap tempo while the BB is playing, then immediately after changing tempo I want to trigger a fill, or a pause, I cannot. If I press the main pedal or button 2 right after modifying tempo with the taptempo button, the other buttons still act as taptempo.

I think this is a bug.

The way I would hope it to work is that, as soon as I have tapped in a new tempo, I can use either the pedal to start playing, or, while playing, I can use the main pedal to trigger a fill at the new tempo, or pause with button 2.
If it worked this way, we could do a retardando ending, but, we can’t do that right now.

Thanks for your attention here.


I’ve found your previous post for you! It was hiding right here -
Oh, there was another post of yours -!

Have a nice time of a day! :slight_smile:

Hi Rusty, we did this on purpose because we figured that if the pedal is in tap tempo mode people want to be able to initiate tap tempo hands free with either the footswitch or the pedal. we would want to keep at least the pedal to continue to control tap tempo in case that user doesn’t have a footswitch. But we will think about creating a setting in a future firmware update to give you an option to do this.

Ah, thanks David!
that totally makes sense. And my suggestion would only be for cases in which someone has an outboard foot switch and wants to configure one of them for tap.

Would it be possible to fix the issue where other buttons get stuck in taptempo mode when you press an outboard tap tempo?