Most unusual/non-obvious thing you're wanting to try?


Self explanatory - curious to see what thoughts anyone else might have had in this regard. For mine, I’d be interested to see how it could work in a band with a regular drummer - add some extra layers to the rhythm with a different sounding kit, play auxiliary percussion type parts, other things of that sort (will most likely just mean writing a lot of specific material for those purposes).


I wouldnt consider this to be unusual, but I thought that when I am alone and laying down tracks, the beatbuddy could step in on the drummers track until they, themselves could replace the track. also eliminates the need to make weird sounds while trying to explain to the drummer, just exactly what I was trying to get at, when I had the idea for the song :lol:


I promise to let you all know if and when I successfully get BeatBuddy to play along to all of ELP’s “Tarkus”


I am eager to play Metallica “Master of Puppets” with a BeatBuddy, but I simply can’t figure out how to split song parts properly in order to be able to conveniently trigger the broken rhythm fills.

You can check my unofficial video (here on the forum in the Video subforum to see how BeatBuddy perfectly plays fixed rhythm!


Stand on left foot, press and hold both the BB and a vocal harmonizer foot switches with right foot, while playing guitar and trying to remember the words to the chorus of the song, while transposing the chords because I forgot my capo.


Right on dude!.. I want to see video ! I’ll settle for Aqua Tarkus. Do it! Do it!