Motels - Only the Lonely OPB

I was wondering if anyone has an OPB or DOP for The Motels’ Only the Lonely? Or a suggestion on a stock beat for with this song? Thanks.

Not sure this isn’t the Orbison version that Lanny Fisher posted. If it sin’t what you’re looking for, reply to this thread and I’ll work it up for you.

Thanks persist. Not home at the moment but I’ll DL and check Lanny’s version out when I get home.

Lanny says it’s Orbison.

I have a MIDI source file for this.

That’d work.

Forgot how nice this group sounded.

Just dl’d and played through the different versions. First of all, thank you! Second of all…hahahahahahaha….you faded out the end of the song. I love that you did that!!! :smiley: