Mounting Beatbuddy on pedaltrain

I’m an acoustic guitarist and I recently bought a beatbuddy to add to my pedalboard. When I applied the velcro to the rubber base of the unit I found that it doesn’t stick very well and comes off if you remove the pedal from the pedal board.
I unscrewed lid from the bottom of the unit turned it over, I made some measurments and carefully drilled an extra hole to line up with the hole that becomes offset when you turn the lid over. I also had to trim a small portion of rubber around the hole for chassis clearence around the thread. The result a plain aluminium base the the velcro adhiesive sticks to perfectly, so now I am able to mount it on the pedaltrian. Also if I wanted to revert back to the rubber base I could just turn it over again for floor use. It would be good if the beatbuddy was sold with a hole already drilled and maybe with velcro already appled, a plastic blanking screw would also be good when the hole is not in use. Please see photos.

I would like to see all pedal makers supply their pedals without feet or rubber bases and give the buyer the choice of applying Velcro for pedal board use or the rubber feet for use on the floor.

I removed the rubber from the bottom of my beat buddy and applied Velcro in order to mount it on my pedal board. I removed it carefully making sure I kept it in tact so I can reapply it at a later date if necessary.

Good idea to flip the base though. Thanks for sharing!!

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Yep. All I can say is why didn’t I think of that. I ripped the rubber off the bottom of mine as well.

Same here!

Well, I don’t like the idea of using velcro at all because the pedal moves around a little bit and sometimes the touch on the pedal has to be exact, so I don’t want it moving around. Besides that, I found that by mounting the Beat Buddy firmly, you don’t have the movement on the cables that seem to be a problem with the loose fitting jacks. To give you my idea, I took the bottom plate off, drilled and tapped a couple of holes and installed long screws from the inside out, put the plate back on, drilled holes in my wooden pedalboard, mounted the Beat Buddy and put washers and nuts on the underside of the pedalboard to hold the pedal on. It’s firm, tight, and no one can steal just one pedal off the board. They have to take the whole damn pedalboard which is kind of heavy and hard to make off with. Just my idea and it works for me. I have all my pedals mounted that way and it really feels firm and nothing moves. It might be a little bit more of a task to move the pedal location, but it’s not too difficult. Just my idea.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I use 3m Dual Lock instead of velcro. Its amazing stuff. I can swing my board around, hold it upside down and my beatbuddy won’t move. If you use to much you won’t be able to pull the pedal back off your pedal board.

I’ll try some of that the next time I need to mount a pedal.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

If you don’t mind drilling through your pedal board, you can use cable ties.

Or maybe just get a HoleyBoard to mount your pedals to with the cable ties.:cool:

+1 for Paul Rogers’ solution. Makes a very tidy job. Then you can velcro or spot glue to your board/board rails, whatever your preference is. And the rubber foot is preserved intact in case it’s needed later.

I tried velcro and for some reason the velcro strip glue wouldn’t adhere properly to the rubber foot (it’s hot and humid where I live). I tried adding silicone adhesive to the velcro strip but that just seemed to react chemically with the velcro glue and made a gooey mess of the velcro and the rubber foot.

Cleaned everything up with some thinners. Followed Paul’s instructions. Countersunk the holes on the reverse side for a neat job. All done. Perfect. Thank you Paul Rodgers for sharing.

I also made “Paul’s Mod” and flipped the base plate.

Attached 3M Dual Loc to Pedaltrain and Beat Buddy - rock solid!

Fantastic +1 for Paul Rogers’ solution.

Its these little touches that make a great product world beating

Yes, I flipped my base plate too. And I have to agree it is indeed a world beating product. Changed the way we perform for the better. Rescued us from not being able to get a drummer - I was doing the Mumford and Sons thing with the kick drum whilst singing and playing bass or bagpipes. And the savings we’ve made on the reduced beer bills …

I know some people have had problems and for some the technology can be confusing, but to them I’d say stick with it guys, dig into the instruction manuals and learn from this forum. There are lots of different ways to use the BeatBuddy and every band is different, very different percussion and song needs.

This product is just going to get better and better!