Mounting SD card with Mac OSX Maverick

Hi there,
I can’t read my SD card on my mac, Beatbuddy says:" USB device connected". My system checks it on USB port as “mass storage” but I can’t find it with Disk Utility, and of course it does not came on my desktop…

Oh, well, I was about to write a howto guide for Windows, but then read the topic name :frowning:

I think you will need some sort of a driver for BeatBuddy. Looks like it is not yet available.
So I can suggest you two workarounds until a proper solution is done.

  1. Use a Windows based machine.
  2. Insert BeatBuddy SD card directly into card reader

(Am I mistaken in that Mac computers are significantly more expensive than Windows based ones?)

Yes, and no. More expensives, but they are “ready to use”. And they are really strongs, my macbook pro is still alive and performer after 7 years of rude life. And anyway there is no crash with mac…

Well, for defense of Windows, I have a DELL Inspiron computer from I believe 2004. It still works now. I’ve played around 5 years World of Warcraft on it (though W button can be hardly pressed at all).

As for ready to use - Windows is ready to be reinstalled at any time! :slight_smile:

Back to our topic, there will definitely be an announcement made when BeatBuddy will fully support Mac without workarounds.