Moving BB Workspace to Onedrive?

Is it possible to set up the BB Workspace folder in Onedrive? C:\Onedrive\BBWorkspace
I get the feeling from the severe warning in the install manual that the Documents folder is part of the program path structure. Thanks.

You can reset the workspace location but I would not recommend it. Why? Mac BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) users reported problems when they inadvertently mapped their bbworkspace folder to iCloud.

This could have been attributed to the latency of the BBM communications between their computer and the cloud and the same assumption could be made for Windows’ users.

Of course each user’s success will vary depending on the reliability and speed of their Internet connection. Give it a try and see how it works for you and then let us know.

Perhaps the new and improved BBM will leverage the availability of the cloud and make it easier for users to sync their BB data with iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive.

The beautiful thing about Onedrive is that it synchronizes files to the cloud and from the cloud to every PC and device that it’s linked to. When I get home and turn on my PC, it will sync all files to my local drive. I will then be using the files locally rather than over the internet. That’s the goal. I predict problems with synchronizing to SD card. I’ll let you know.

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I’m using onedrive as a backup and sync for all files stored locally on two computers. I do not try to sync from the clouded file location. As far as I can tell, it works flawlessly. My project file is clouded for back up and current on both computers. All local user files are synchronized and current on both systems thanks to onedrive. I have worked on songs at work during lunch and continued with them when I got home. I only synchronize the SD card at home because that is where the Beat Buddy is. So far I have had “0” issues moving the BB Workspace folder location to C:\Onedrive\

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That’s great that it’s working for you as a backup means and to be able to use a common source from two locations.