Moving Instruments Between Drum Sets?

Is there an easy way to do this? For example, can I simply move a hi-hat from one drum set to another? The only way I’ve found to do this one sample at a time (which is time consuming when you have multiple velocity levels with round robins, etc). I’m really wishing the BBManager used some sort of standard file-folder structure so we could just drag and drop files and entire folders (of instruments, velocity layers, samples, etc).

There really isn’t. But, if you get a good kit and want to add something to it, like bass, etc, you can copy the entire kit and then just enter the bass.

7 Editing a Drumkit.pdf (352.2 KB)

FYI - LBDM refers to a package I made to port the Alesis SR-16 to BB.

@Phil_Flood - thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. And … I owe you extra thanks and a beer, because I found your “Editing a Drumkit” when I was trying to figure out how to edit, and it saved me a TON of time! :grinning: :grinning: