Moving Instruments Between Drum Sets?

Is there an easy way to do this? For example, can I simply move a hi-hat from one drum set to another? The only way I’ve found to do this one sample at a time (which is time consuming when you have multiple velocity levels with round robins, etc). I’m really wishing the BBManager used some sort of standard file-folder structure so we could just drag and drop files and entire folders (of instruments, velocity layers, samples, etc).

There really isn’t. But, if you get a good kit and want to add something to it, like bass, etc, you can copy the entire kit and then just enter the bass.

7 Editing a Drumkit.pdf (352.2 KB)

FYI - LBDM refers to a package I made to port the Alesis SR-16 to BB.

@Phil_Flood - thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. And … I owe you extra thanks and a beer, because I found your “Editing a Drumkit” when I was trying to figure out how to edit, and it saved me a TON of time! :grinning: :grinning:

I’m chiming in here years later and saying “Thank you, Phil”… the help you provided in the past is still invaluable to people like me starting out with the beat buddy.

Gary W

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