Moving Song Presets Into A Setlist Folder for Customizing

I am using BB Manager and the latest firmware 2.04. Sorry for any redundancy with this…

I’d like to move stock songs to a setlist folder. For example, I’d like to use blues 1 as the basis for the song.

How do I export that blues 1 into a temporary folder and then import it back into my setlist folder?

When I go to the factory preset SONGS folder there are no .sng files to export.

I’d like to adjust the tempo, decide on a drum set, delete the intro and outro fills if I don’t like them (use the “count-in” option from the BB’s setting menu), and finally change the name from Blues 1 to the actual song title before saving it.

OK, Starting to feel like I’m missing something simple here.

I exported the preset song file via BB Manager to a temp location on the desktop and when I try to import it to the new “setlist” folder it gives me the following message.

[I]Portable Song C:/Users/Owber/AppData/Local/Temp/{fbb0c937-a0b1-4798-b537-f58410f3ec62/history/9/Blues_1.sng does not exist

Skipping file…[/I]

Not really that difficult but what’s throwing me off is that you’re referring to the SONGS folder as in, on the SD card? If so, don’t use your computer operating system to muck about the bbworkspace or the SD card. Assuming all your genre folders are in the left pane of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), then all the contents you need are available thru and all functions should be performed using the BBM.

There’s a couple of different ways to accomplish what you’re looking for. The way I’d do is to preserve the default songs and folders.

  • in the BBM, create a new folder from the menu Songs > New Folder and give it a name
  • still in the BBM, open the Blues (genre) folder and highlight Blues 1; File > Export > Song to your desktop
  • from the BBM, click on the new folder you created and named
  • from the BBM, File > Import > Song from your desktop and it should land in your new folder

If you have several songs from the Blues folder that you want to use, you can use a slightly similar process to export a folder to your desktop; the only difference when you export it is you’re going to rename what you export; you can then import that renamed folder from your desktop.

Have you set the location of your workspace thru the BBM? If not, need to do so.

Once again, Thank you! The location was indeed the issue.