Moving songs between 'folders'

Do i understand correctly that in order to move, say, 1 song to a different ‘folder’, i have to 1)load the SD card in my Mac, 2)open the BeatBuddy application, 3)move the song (drag/drop or import), and then 4)‘Export’ the entire ‘project’ back to the SD Card?

Am i missing something? There’s got to be an easier way.

Oh, and i forgot, don’t forget to copy your PARAMS off the SD card before you Export or you’ll lose your pedal settings. And, of course, don’t forget to copy the PARAMS back to the SD card before you pull it from your PC/Mac.

I love the pedal, software capabilities need work.

That’s essentially right. What I do is hAve all my songs on folders on my hard drive, already in .sng format. So, yes, at some point, I exported each and everyone to the hard drive, using Save Song As from Beat Buddy Manager. But now, if I want to make a set list, or new themed folder, I just created the folder in BBM, and then do Import>song. Once the list is made, then, yes, you need to export to SD card, if synchronize is grayed out. But, yes, everyone wants a simpler copy and paste option.

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