Moving the mixer button to the middle button, deleting parts during the loop, "parts" menu

I have already seen that the last part can be deleted from the main menu after stopping. What I would like to see instead would be:

Hold the middle button (“select track”): Goes to mixer. Right now holding this button doesn’t do anything, so it wouldn’t cause issues with existing functionality I guess. Showing the mixer fits this button better than the “select part” button imho.

Hold the left button (“select part”): Goes to a new menu called “parts” (or whatever you want to call it). The “parts” menu would then allow me to delete any of the parts during the loop, not just the newest one and not just after stopping the loop completely. I can create a part during runtime, I can’t wrap my head around why it would not be possible to do the reverse and just delete it.

This would probably mean that the “select track” button selects the track on release, not on press, just like the “select part” button. I don’t know if this is a deal-breaker, but making the two “select” buttons work in different ways seems a little bit chaotic. Or make both of them do things on press, and do extra stuff when holding them.

In the end the “select part” and “select track” buttons would work in very similar ways, making everything a bit more intuitive and consistent. The bottom left button would become a “parts” button and the middle one a “tracks” button. Holding them gets me a menu to manage them.

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Hello thank you for all this feedback, but we will not be changing the button functions in this way.

For this reason I will tag this as #considered