Muddy sound with an acoustic guitar and beatbuddy

My hearing isnt as good as it used to be but i was wondering whether others thought that an acoustic guitar and the drums have some frequencies clashing causing the sound to be muddy?


No I don’t have that experiance, but maybe your amplifier or the speaker(s) have a problem, that causes the muddy sound.

I used a Fishman Loudbox Mini, and had guitar to main input and BB to the second (XLR) input. No problems that way.

Now I have the BB going to a dedicated power amp and it’s a better sound that way.

Yeah, when you’re running guitar and Beatbuddy into the same amplifier, there’s a chance of that happening. If you can get a separate amplifier for the Beatbuddy, that will give you the best sound. I use two of these amplifiers for stereo sound!

Best off using a bass amp alone with the drummer. A guitar amp is simply no good