Multi BB Managers

I have 2 computers …
my practice space runs my BB mgr & uploads my pedal … all BB related happens here.
My laptop at my gig has a version of BBmgr on it . nothing is on it … no .drms no .sngs
My question is …
Can I update my gig laptop with new songs without losing songs on the pedal?
The warning that I’m going to ‘over write everything’ scares the willies outta me !

If I update all the .sngs to both computers so they all have the same info on them ,
it shouldn’t cause anything I might regret … correct ?
Thanks . (I thought this could be a pm, but, … what do I know …lol)

I have the same and store most of the files on a NAS, however not everyone has one of those. I feel the same way as you do. When moving to a different computer it seems to loose the link and you need to reimport the project from the pedal but I think that just creates another copy and on my PC I had about 5 different projects all called “default” - what a mess.
I would make sure you are happy with the content that is on the BB and then import the project from pedal into your other computer. I have also backed up my songs folder and now have a folder of all the songs I have made or changed…if anything goes wrong I just import that folder back to the BB.

thanks … I also renamed & saved projects …called them up to ‘beta6’ now,
but my laptop doesn’t know any of that info …yet! (2 more days, & I’ll try it @ home, )
coulda, woulda, shoulda’ve like to have tried adding more tunes,
still hesitant to come out of my comfort zone 10 miles from home …Thanks psalm40

What is a NAS ? (never mind :wink:

NAS is a Network-attached storage.