Multi-samples sound better

I made a copy of the default rock drum kit just using one of the 3 highest velocity samples for each drum and copying all the other settings from the default kit. What’s the point you may ask? Well, I thought it would be interesting to hear how the BeatBuddy would sound if it only had one sample per drum and to see how much of a difference having multi-samples makes to the realism of the Buddy. The answer is yes, it makes a big difference with a lot less of the machine gun effect drum machines have on fast rolls. However, the one sample per drum kit doesn’t sound bad at all if you’re not too picky and need to save megabytes for some reason (it’s a much smaller kit).

You might also try a program called Sox (Sound Exchange) wav converter that can downsample. BB has 44100 resolution samples so there is some room on bass drums etc that they could be dropped to 22000 and may not be too noticeable and will cut size almost in half.

I tried that too! And you’re right, made a HUGE difference! Wish i had seen your post before i went through the effort… Long live the forums!

I do this with a looper and if your timing is right, you can lay one drum track on top of the other and really have a big sound. If you’re lucky and the timing doesn’t drift, you can make some awesome sounds this way. Of course, with a looper, size doesn’t matter after a few layers anyway. I also lay the guitar parts down the same way and play the exact same lead on both channels for the stereo part of it and really create some awesome material, so double tracking is fun to monkey around with.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Clive Brownhill, This is for you. You ask for a drumtrack to Mystery Train by Elvis. Well here it is if you can find me.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Set the tempo at about 220 and that should be close to the original.