Multiple Accent Hit Types Via Midi

Hi all,
Currently, if I want to have a few different accents (standard, china on multiple kits, cowbell, handclaps), I can only use one option as an ACCENT hit with the ability to INCREASE THE VOLUME. I find that when I just send the note command, I can hear the hit I want, but it can often be drowned out by the other parts of the beat.

So, what I’d like to be able to do is have multiple accent hits with the normal accent hit volume – perhaps a midi range for a select number?

Or, is there a way to send some kind of midi command with the note to increase the volume?

Current BB software does not support the volume value for midi notes. It does, however, support the velocity value. So, if you have a kit with the drums sounds you want, or available space to add those tones, you could put the tones into the kit at a relatively loud volume, and then use velocity to control the perceived volume.

Just so I understand what you’re suggesting –

I can go into the BB Manager and modify the standard drum kits by adding the tones I want to access. Are you saying that I can set the volume of the tone, relative to the rest of the kit, when adding the tone to the kit so it’s always louder than the rest of the kit? If i can do this, I won’t need to change the velocity.

Otherwise, I add the tone, then increase the velocity, save with the same drum kit name (so the correct kit is called with the default beats) and this will accomplish what I want to?

Thank you!

Close. The initial volume of a tone in BB Manager results from the original recording of the tone. If it was recorded very loud, it can be reduced, but if it was recorded too soft, it can only be increased slightly. If you add a tone to a kit and find it to be too loud, in the Drumset maker portion of Beat Buddy Manager, you can set a lower volume level, specified in -dB levels.

Otherwise your understanding is correct.

OK; Thank you!