Multiple locked tracks

How does one accomplish multiple locked tracks? (6x6/freeform)

You need to touch and hold the circle icon on the screen , when you see a white square than it’s locked
always in following order

you can not do like this 1>3>5

You can go trough the mixer panel the lock with the foot pressin,g the switch( the left one) press and hold than press again to confirm the lock


Thanks! Can’t wait to try it out.

Thanks for the question!

From the Aeros Manual:

Locked tracks:

A locked track will continue to play even when a song part is changed. Any change you make to this Locked Track will be shown in all parts, which means overdubs, undo/redo, mute, volume changes, rerecords, and pretty much any change that you can make to a track will be shown in all parts on that same track.

Tracks can be pre-locked, meaning the tracks can be locked before actually recording.

There are two ways to lock a track

  • On the touchscreen, press the track clock circle from either the mixer or the Loop Studio screen. You will see a white square appear around the circle, indicating that the track is locked.
  • To lock/unlock a track hands-free, in the mixer page, hold down the lower-left button to change the command of that button to “Lock”. Tap the button (not hold) to lock the selected track. To revert the Lock Track command back to the ‘Exit Mixer’ command without locking a track, hold the lower left-button down again.

Locked track rules:

  • In 2x2, you can only lock the top track. In 6x6 you can lock up to 5 tracks and you can only lock a track if the tracks before it are locked.
  • You can only lock tracks before recording a second song part.
  • If tracks are locked before recording them, you must record all locked tracks before changing song parts.
  • You can only unlock a track if the tracks after it are not locked and you have not recorded a second song part.
  • While STOPPED with the empty part icon (+) selected, you cannot toggle through locked tracks, the selected track is the next empty track in this new part.
  • You cannot lock tracks using the touchscreen if the current song part is not selected or while transitioning to a different song part.
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@BrennanSingularSound Is there any way to (for example) with an acoustic guitar, begin with a one bar chord phrase, then create a one bar percussive track which would lock to any other track I create no matter their length? I’m trying to avoid beginning a song with a percussive (locked) track, rather start with a chord phrase and then create a locked rhythm track. I attempted locking two tracks, recording my chord loop, then on the second locked track my percussion. When proceeding to the third (unlocked track) there is no way I can think of to mute the first (locked) track quickly so what was recorded on track one didn’t conflict with the new chord phrase on track three. In the mixer, you cannot pre-program a muted track one in song part three as it doesn’t yet exist. Is there any way to achieve this?
Thanks, Dan (I hope my explanation isn’t too confusing)

Hey there,

Unfortunately you would not be able to accomplish this in 6x6 because it would break the rules, but in 2x2 you could record track 2 before you record to the empty locked track 1, then you can record the locked track after you lay down the idea. The downside of course is no 3rd track, but you could get similar outcomes by overdubbing to the second track.

Thanks for the qeustion!

Thanks for the answer, but this is a shame.