Multiple time signatures In Beat Buddy song

Could I request for Beat Buddy to be able to have multiple time signatures within a song.
E.g. the Verse could be in 4/4 time whereas the Chorus could be in 6/8 time.

This already works.

Could you tell me how please. I can’t see how the same drum beat can change in time.

I have got a work-around by copying/pasting, for example, a Basic 6/8 drum loop into a 4/4 Blues1 beat. Is this the only way I can do it?

Grab a straight 4/4 from the Blues folder; add a 7/8 from the Odd Time folder. BB will play what you feed it.

Are you trying to vary the tempo rather than the time signature?

@BRIAN_POTTS You can have different time signatures in the same song but they need to be in different parts of the song. You cannot have two different time signatures in the same song part.

So for example you can have a 6/8 main loop and 6/8 fills for part 1, but if you want 4/4 drum loops as well in the same song you need to place them in part 2 (and that part can only have 4/4), etc…


Thanks, that works.

No, not varying the tempo, I got it working by using different song parts. Thanks.

Fantastic! Good luck!